Riddled Mobile App UI

Riddled is an app that provides daily challenges, lots of riddles to solve, and statistics on how you and your friends performed on certain riddles!

Riddled provides an interesting and fun way to train your brain or pass the time while challenging yourself.

We designed this app with users time and accessibility in mind.

Being able to see previews of the riddle, results or difficulty of the answer, all without tapping anything on screen; this allows for quick and easy use of the app anytime, anywhere!

How it Works

Riddled uses a database of organized riddles and responses too organize and update results in real time. Users can compare answers with their friends, family, and the world!


The logo represents both a friendly and fun app, designed to bring in users of all ages and provide relief and a fun challenge during any situation.

The Project

This project is currently under construction. You may contact us if you are interested in the development or funding this project.

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