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Slick Visuals Paired with Intelligent User Experience.

More than Just Pretty

The art of designing both functional and elegant apps begins first and foremost with function.

Many designers neglect this fundamental process and go straight to making pretty mockups that will “wow” prospective clients and win them a quick sale. Ultimately, their designs will be flawed and may require massive overhaul in the near future.

Bizurk takes every effort to understand the client’s specific use cases, business needs, and conversion metrics to help design the perfect app that is both functional and beautiful!

More than Qualified

Andrew Taraba has experience as an entrepreneur, marketer, programmer, and designer; combining all of these skills produces a unique understanding of our clients from inside operations to front facing applications. 

We take our time to understand every client’s business model, needs, and product to form a valuable relationship and create productive design.

A good user experience helps drive customer use, explanation and marketing, and ultimately funnels users to end points. A typical freelance designer doesn’t understand the pain points of a business and relies heavily on templatized design.

We build designs from the ground up with the full attention and understanding of our clients in mind.

Modern Design Standards

From crypto wallets to mining apps, we have worked on some of the most advanced and complicated solutions. 

From B2B applications to consumer facing designs, Andrew Taraba has experience designing modern, slick, and clean UI designs with a usable UX geared towards the target users.

Detailed Case Studies Below

SplitCheck utilizes a simple UX that solves a complex problem: how to split the bill appropriately among multiple people.

Riddled is a competitive puzzle solving app that visualizes real time, worldwide results with a simple and easy to understand visual design that even children can understand and use. Challenge yourself with a daily riddle to ponder about!

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