Web Design

[grve_promo image=”4384″ retina_image=”4385″ align=”center” button_color=”primary-4″ button_text=”In-Depth Breakdown” button_size=”extralarge” button_link=”||”]SplitCheck utilizes a simple UX that solves a complex problem: how to split the bill appropriately among multiple people. [/grve_promo]
[grve_promo image=”4356″ retina_image=”4355″ align=”center” button_color=”orange” button_text=”Design Breakdown” button_size=”extralarge” button_link=”||”]Riddled is a competitive puzzle solving app that visualizes real time, worldwide results with a simple and easy to understand visual design that even children can understand and use. Challenge yourself with a daily riddle to ponder about! [/grve_promo]
[grve_promo image=”4338″ retina_image=”4339″ align=”center” button_type=”outline” button_color=”white” button_text=”See the Breakdown” button_size=”extralarge” button_link=”||”]Website design that makes scheduling appointments a breeze. Three steps to completion! [/grve_promo]