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facebook page cover banner image template

Facebook Page Cover Photo Template 2020

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Facebook Page Assets

You can use these templates to help set up your facebook page quickly. The facebook cover photo is one of the quickest ways to get your ideas or services across to the user quickly.

If you have text in your cover photo, then you will definitely want to make sure it all fits on your cover photo properly on both mobile and desktop.

For the facebook profile picture we are using 1024 x 1024 because if you create a facebook app (likely if you are blogging), then you would also need your thumbnail to be this size.

Facebook Profile Picture 1024 x 1024

facebook page cover banner image template

Facebook updates these dimensions periodically, so it is important to keep your cover photo up to date! 1640 x 720 is the recommended minimum size for Facebook cover photos in 2020.  

Facebook usually makes these updates when new devices are introduced into the facebook ecosystem. These updates aren’t designed to make our lives a pain, but to help pages become visible and beautiful designed across all platforms. 

In most cases, you could be good just uploading a 16:9 image without having to worry about shifting Facebook widgets. However, if you have text or logos in your cover photo, you will definitely want to keep everything up to date! 

Facebook Group Assets

If you are a genius facebook marketer, then you probably utilize the wonderful and powerful feature of facebook groups! Facebook groups dimensions seem to change quite a lot. To be safe, I have provided a simple 16:9 group template with some safe zone markings. 

This template should provide useful for both mobile and desktop usage, as well as long term use. 

Good luck with your Facebook marketing activities!