MemoryWars: TinyWars Game Dev & UI/UX

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Programmed and developed MemoryWars: TinyWars using GML via GM:Studio. Programmed the following key features into the game:

  • Virtual Currency
  • Collecting Mechanics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Memory Cards
  • Advertisements

The game was developed for mobile phone and tablet devices and released on the GooglePlay App store.

Virtual Currency

The virtual currency mechanic was integrated into the game to fulfill a “replay-ability” issue with the original prototype.

Players can earn “Lucky Tokens” for playing the game, and bonus tokens for winning against the A.I.

Collecting Mechanics

The collecting mechanic allows the player to actually utilize the “Lucky Tokens” in order to collect all the collectible items that were integrated into the game.

Without the collecting mechanic, the virtual currency mechanic would be totally useless.

Artificial Intelligence

The player can play against an A.I. enemy in this game that will react, memorize cards, and play the game as if you were playing against a real human.

We created varying levels of the A.I. including some that have incredibly precise memories and some that don’t.

Memory Cards

This is the core mechanic of the game. Player selects two face down cards; if they match, the player will collect those cards and gain points; if they do not match, then the cards are returned face down and the player’s turn is over.

The idea was to produce a game that was fun, replayable, and had mechanics (collecting) that gave the player a reason to continue playing the game.


Mobile advertisements were placed into the game and displayed in a non-intrusive space at the bottom of the screen.

GooglePlay App Store Publishing

This game was published to the GooglePlay store and can be downloaded here.

This was an advertisement image that we produced.

Developer Credits

Directed & Produced by Andrew Taraba

Character/Card Artwork by: 

Anastasia Surnenkov, Ayasal, Danny Moore, Hyanna Natsu, Hieihirai, Starlipop

Music by: 

Masahiro Shioyama, Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu

Programmed by: 

Andrew Taraba

Sylvester Lan

TinyWars In-Game GUI Designs

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These UI designs were developed from the ground up, keeping the game’s theme in mind.

The goal was to design a UI that can be accessed easily via touch screen and mouse click, while also keeping the icons within the theme of the overall project!

TinyWars is our own independent video game project.

Stay updated with the development of TinyWars, visit the official website here.

Yandere Simulator UI Designs

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Textures, engravings, speakers, camera, and lighting was added to the original Yandere Simulator phone model. This includes both the SAUKOU chrome logo and emblem at the bottom of the phone.

New UI Icons for the Yandere Simulator phone menu (a.k.a. pause menu) was added. Pause items can now be reached in a more familiar, mobile phone layout with less arrow taps than the previous menu!

Updated the purple Kokona phone placeholder with a textured, matte purple phone finish!

Phone icons were created with the pink theme and “love” theme of the project in mind.

Stay updated with the development of Yandere Simulator, visit the official website here.

OneUpPhone Web and Branding

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Complete Website Design and Branding

We gave the guys at OneUpPhone a total website makeover and a beautiful brand and logo to distinguish them among the competition. OneUpPhone operates a unique “mobile” repair service where they visit and do on the spot repairs for their customers.

Interactive Design

We created the website utilizing some interactive features that made it easy for customers to visit the site, select their exact device model and instantly get in touch with a representative to fix the issue.


The OneUpPhone brand is recognizable among new comers and regular customers, there’s no doubt that our logo design has played a tremendous role in the growth of their company.

We are proud to have helped build a powerful brand!

Marketing Materials

We helped produce the banners, business cards, and T-Shirt designs for the OneUpPhone employees and company. Our work and involvement with OneUpPhone has been life changing for the business owners.

Happy Hour App UI Designs

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With advertising often limited to store front signs and paper advertising, it’s nearly impossible for new comers to discover happy hours and special discount deals! Top tier apps such as Yelp and Foursquare do not have uniform support for happy hours. Happy Hour is a solution to the lack of information and to assist restaurants to better promote their deals and specials, which will attract new comers who may be lured in by enticing deals and hopefully return again.

As of January 2015, the project is now in the hands of the Client.

  • How it Works
  • Logo
  • The Project

Users can search and view information on restaurants, nearby, as well as happy hour deals happening right now! This app is designed to make discovering deals, easy and seamless. Restaurants may have access to back end information on their profile and advertise special deals.

HappyHour Logo Bloom

The challenge was creating a logo that illustrated both time and location. Using a playful type font, we were able to capture people’s interest in the project and create an inviting and open brand.

As of January 2015, the project is now in the hands of the Client.

SplitCheck App UI Designs

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With a revolutionary and unconventional system, we have created a seamless and almost natural way of splitting the check that removes some of the hassle or over simplification of the process that the other apps fail to address! Splitcheck can be used at restaurants, sharing the gas bill on a road trip, anywhere else that utilizes a smart POS.

At Bizurk we are very proud of our top level of design and will continue streamlining the flow of user experience through superior design!

  • Project Manager
  • Logo

SplitCheck is a project currently headed by Andy Tan, if you are interested in learning more about the project you may connect with him through LinkedIn to get detailed information on the project or to register your POS with the SplitCheck technology.

splitcheck logo

We’ve created a simple, yet elegant logo design that is easily recognizable from far away and can be utilized as a sticker or small icon on a menu or restaurant sign.


576 577 andrew
Health Bars

We got to create awesome health bars based on the popular game, Castlevania, for this awesome minigame that was unveiled to appear within the full Yandere Simulator game during a Halloween Special. There will be three more minigames appearing in Yandere Simulator and hopefully we here at Bizurk will have the opportunity to work on some more!

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The Developer

Yandere Simulator is currently being developed by YandereDev over at The game has been picked up and played by some of youtube’s top personalities including PewDiePie, Markiplier, and elrubiusOMG. The game has achieved mainstream recognition and is estimated to be completed 2016 – 2017. Please support the production of this game by visiting their website or contributing to their Patreon.

Visit Yandere Simulator