Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator UI Designs

Yandere Simulator is an indie game developed by YandereDev. The sandbox demo has been downloaded over 2.5 Million times and the official Yandere Simulator YouTube channel has over 2,700,000 subscribers.

Textures, engravings, speakers, camera, and lighting was added to the original Yandere Simulator phone model. This includes both the SAUKOU chrome logo and emblem at the bottom of the phone.

Updated the purple Kokona phone placeholder with a textured, matte purple phone finish!

New UI Icons for the Yandere Simulator phone menu (a.k.a. pause menu) was added. Pause items can now be reached in a more familiar, mobile phone layout with less arrow taps than the previous menu!

Phone icons were created with the pink theme and “love” theme of the project in mind.

Stay updated with the development of Yandere Simulator, visit the official website here.

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