Walli the Smart Wallet was an astounding success on both IndieGoGo and Kickstarter, raising combined over $600K.

The scope for this project included:

  • Video Shoot (Script provided by client)
  • Marketing Giveaway / Promotion

See Indiegogo Campaign – $433,683 USD

See Kickstarter Campaign – $217,363 USD

*This project was done in conjunction with Monta Alta

  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Our Role

The official Walli crowdfunding campaign has raised over $400,000 on IndieGoGo. The future is looking bright for the Walli team, and hundreds of pre-orders will ensure a successful launch! View the official IndieGoGo Campaign.

*This project was done in conjunction with Monta Alta.

Our role on this project was the directing of actors and cinematography for the official crowdfunding video. Andrew Taraba was in charge of directing the actors as well as overseeing all aspects of the production including lighting, camera angles, and interpretation of the script.

Interested in Video Production?
Project Details

Walli is the smartest wallet you will ever own! Tracks it's own content, location and more, this is much more than just your average. everyday wallet!