Group Payments, Simplified!

With a revolutionary and unconventional system, we have created a seamless and almost natural way of splitting the check that removes some of the hassle or over simplification of the process that the other apps fail to address! Splitcheck can be used at restaurants, sharing the gas bill on a road trip, anywhere else that utilizes a smart POS.

At Bizurk we are very proud of our top level of design and will continue streamlining the flow of user experience through superior design!

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SplitCheck is a project currently headed by Andy Tan, if you are interested in learning more about the project you may connect with him through LinkedIn to get detailed information on the project or to register your POS with the SplitCheck technology.

splitcheck logo

We’ve created a simple, yet elegant logo design that is easily recognizable from far away and can be utilized as a sticker or small icon on a menu or restaurant sign.

Project Details

Split check is a mobile app that allows users to "split" the check between each other. Although similar apps already exist on the market, SplitCheck differs by solving a problem that other apps fail to solve, seamless user experience.