Programmed and developed MemoryWars: TinyWars using GML via GM:Studio. Programmed the following key features into the game:

  • Virtual Currency
  • Collecting Mechanics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Memory Cards
  • Advertisements

The game was developed for mobile phone and tablet devices and released on the GooglePlay App store.

Virtual Currency

The virtual currency mechanic was integrated into the game to fulfill a “replay-ability” issue with the original prototype.

Players can earn “Lucky Tokens” for playing the game, and bonus tokens for winning against the A.I.

Collecting Mechanics

The collecting mechanic allows the player to actually utilize the “Lucky Tokens” in order to collect all the collectible items that were integrated into the game.

Without the collecting mechanic, the virtual currency mechanic would be totally useless.

Artificial Intelligence

The player can play against an A.I. enemy in this game that will react, memorize cards, and play the game as if you were playing against a real human.

We created varying levels of the A.I. including some that have incredibly precise memories and some that don’t.

Memory Cards

This is the core mechanic of the game. Player selects two face down cards; if they match, the player will collect those cards and gain points; if they do not match, then the cards are returned face down and the player’s turn is over.

The idea was to produce a game that was fun, replayable, and had mechanics (collecting) that gave the player a reason to continue playing the game.


Mobile advertisements were placed into the game and displayed in a non-intrusive space at the bottom of the screen.

GooglePlay App Store Publishing

This game was published to the GooglePlay store and can be downloaded here.

This was an advertisement image that we produced.

Developer Credits

Directed & Produced by Andrew Taraba

Character/Card Artwork by: 

Anastasia Surnenkov, Ayasal, Danny Moore, Hyanna Natsu, Hieihirai, Starlipop

Music by: 

Masahiro Shioyama, Tatsuyuki Yoshimatsu

Programmed by: 

Andrew Taraba

Sylvester Lan

Project Details

MemoryWars: TinyWars is a mobile card game produced by Bizurk Software. The game features collecting mechanics, A.I., card mechanics, virtual currency, and fun animations which were produced in house. The game can be downloaded on the GooglePlay store for Android phone and tablet devices here.