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Complete Website Re-Design

We gave the guys at Kit-Cat Clock (California Clock Company) a total website makeover. Kit-Cat Clock is the #1 Selling clock made in America! They have been around for over 80 years and are still doing strong in business!

This website package also included some of the photography displayed on this page!

*This project was done in conjunction with Conservaco LLC.

Interactive Website

kitcat Games

A webstore with integrated video games and interactive challenges to attract younger audiences and get the kids of today familiar with the Kit-Cat Clock brand.

Online Clock Builder

kitcat Builder

Allows customers to customize and build their very own one of a kind Kit-Cat clock! Seamlessly create your clock and visualize it in real time. Ordering it is just a click away!

Visual Site Map

kitcat Kitcat Land

In interactive, amusement park site map. Click on the various items and places in this map and instantly be transported to that section of the website!