Foodandy allows amateur chefs and professionals like to host cooking classes, events, and dinners alike! If you are a restaurant owner, you can use Foodandy to host a dinner and get feedback on potential new menu items.

Dinners and RSVPs are handled securely through the website. With Foodandy you can turn your passion for cooking into a fun and profitable experience. The website is both desktop and mobile friendly, allowing for easy of cross platform usage.

At Bizurk we are very proud of our top level of design and will continue streamlining the flow of user experience through superior design!

As of April 2015, the beta for Foodandy officially launched and beta testing began, the project is not in the hands of the client.

Responsive Design

The Foodandy Web app was designed with mobility in mind. We’ve allowed the interface to easily translate over to mobile device screens while still maintaining the ease of use and adequate information displayed on screen.


The Foodandy logo combines playful elements with common, restaurant style typography. It’s easy to imagine remember the Foodandy logo and recognize it instantly.

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