3 Step Customer Engagement Process

There is a certain degree of information and efficiency that is needed when handling device repair requests, from having relevant information appear in the email preview to making it easy on customers to submit information, the repair process needs to be fast and effective.

Home Device Select

Sometimes the simplest solution can solve a big problem, namely: Many customers don’t even know the name of the device they own! (See GIF below to see how we easily solved this frustrating issue!)

User Confidence

Much in the same way that “list” articles work, users feel more comfortable when they know exactly when the end is coming. This is the reason we chose to use a traditional contact form, rather than force users through a seemingly endless page by page information request.

Efficient Information Collection

Through the fast and simple process that begins right form the homepage, OneUpPhone has experienced massive growth in web form requests. We’ve created three step process that only loads two pages and collects enough pieces of information for the repair technicians to asses the situation quickly.

On-Demand Phone Repair


OneUpPhone is a disruptive business that takes the hassle out of phone repair. People can’t live without their device for more than a few hours! Instead of dropping off your device at a location or waiting hours for a repair, we can do most device repairs in less than 15 minutes. We come to you!

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User testing, CSS, and Branding

CSS Power

Utilizing clean CSS methods for better visual layout.

Information Return

Key information is visible to OneUpPhone via the email preview, repair techs can know about a customer before they even open the email.

Quick Process

Making it easy for the customers was a motivating factor in this design.


OneUpPhone and the eye catching branding colors were developed by us. *Andrew Taraba is a co-founder of the company.

Customer Testing

Conducted several tests on likely users, including older, less tech savvy likely customers.

Behind the Scenes

Wordpress is the machine running the site with hopes to integrate WooCommerce features in the future.