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June 2019

Avoid this 2019 Facebook Takeover Scam

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If you run a popular Facebook page, people will want your page. They will try to steal it from you by any means necessary.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in, it is full of scammers. Learn to watch out for these red flags!

So What is the Scam?

The scam is simple and roughly follows this pattern:

  • Someone wants to advertise on your page
  • They usually offer an unrealistic amount of money
  • All you have to do is click “accept” in their Facebook Business invite

Boom! If you are an Admin on a page and clicked “accept” for any invite they send out, you have just signed ownership away for your page and they could easily take over your page.

What happens After They Take My Page?

There are a few options, usually what happens is one of the following:

  1. They sell the Facebook page to someone else
  2. They attempt to sell the Facebook page back to you (and sometimes you won’t even get it back!)
  3. You will never see your page again

Don’t fall for these stupid scams! For most people it should be obvious, but I have known a few people who fell for these!

1. Overly emphasizing that They Do Not Need Permissions

Of course, these people know you are aware of scams so they try their best to convince you that they are harmless.

This is a lie, as the conversation continues they will eventually ask you to “accept” some kind of invite or Facebook Business Manager. (Pretending that it is an official Facebook app when it is really their own Facebook Business profile taking over control of your page!)

2. They Claim to Work for Facebook

Why would anyone working for Facebook contact you via Facebook Messenger?

Facebook knows your email address and will contact you with any official correspondence there.

Note: Sometimes if you have an email address listed on your page or website, these scammers will attempt to contact you via email. It’s always best not to list the same email address that you registered with Facebook.

3. Poor Grammar / Poor Image Quality

Facebook would not send a pixelated logo to you. There’s no way that would get past their marketing department!

On top of that, they wouldn’t bake a grammar mistake into an image (this was an image being sent along with the message.)

4. Weird Spacing

Sometimes the messages will have random spaces or breaks. This is not intentional.

Usually these people are copy / pasting these messages from some spreadsheet or app. The result is random line breaks in the Facebook messenger.

They might not even notice it, depending on the screen or device they are using. But you could spot this quite easily if you are on desktop.

5. No Public Information

When responding to messages on desktop, there are some sidebar options to see details about the messages. One dead big giveaway is that there is “no public information” about the user who is messaging you.

6. The Most Obvious… They Don’t Reference Your Content

These people will talk about how they want to “advertise” on your page.

Advertise what? (Usually it’s not mentioned).

They never compliment you on your page growth or say how your page’s content aligns with their advertiser’s industry, etc. Nope, you will not see any of that coming from these scammers.

They don’t even put in the effort to make a nice website for you to visit.

7. Check their Profile If You’re Still Not Sure

If you are still having doubts about it, the last thing you could do is check their personal profile.

No activity from their friends on recent posts.

Their profile picture usually doesn’t match other pictures.

Their friends all seem to come from a certain part of the world.

Avoid Getting Scammed

Seriously, you need to avoid being scammed because these people will try to take over your page at all costs.

That does not mean that everyone who contacts you with an offer is a scammer. In fact, one of the first great offers we got as a page came from someone contacting us directly.

We weren’t sure about it, but as the conversation continued and we moved to official emails, it eventually became one of the best deals for our page to date!