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September 2016

Orange County, Runway Car Videography

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Being at the El Toro Runway before its proposed deconstruction (for the building of a park) was quite an experience! Our production team and our friends from Air Reel Productions came out for less than an hour (3 flights!!!) and filmed some amazing footage in that time! 

View the cinematography reel!

Large Video Production

The scale of this production was massive. Though what you see above is a test video (submitted to the actual client), the real production involves one of the largest teams, sets, and equipment checkout we have ever used. The final production will be stellar and we can’t wait to show it once it’s ready to go live! 

Passion for Cinematography

If there’s one thing we truly love and appreciate, it’s good cinematography. Even while we had strict limitations while being on the runway (No drifting, max 60 mph) We were still able to utilize  camera angles and techniques that generate a sense of speed and movement far greater than what actually happened. Car moving in a straight line at 40 mph… 



Here are some GIFs showing off a few techniques we used to accomplish this task. 



This was an awesome production done in less than an hour! We’ve been picking up a lot of automobile projects lately, if you are interested in video production for your business, be sure to contact us!