Mobile Apps

Our Approach

The art of great apps begins first and foremost with Visual Function.

Client Expectations

Target Users


Bizurk takes every effort to understand the target user’s specific needs, expectations, and niche to provide the perfect app that is both functional and beautiful!

The Problem with "Designers"

Many designers try to go for “pretty” looking UI designs and neglect the target audience. Ultimately, their designs will be flawed and provide poor user experience which could lead to lower sales or conversions.

Example UX + UI Design

Our Experience

Our Lead UI Designer, Andrew Taraba, has experience as an entrepreneur, marketer, programmer, and designer; combining all of these skills produces a unique understanding of our clients from inside operations to front facing applications.

We take our time to understand every client’s business model, needs, and product to form a valuable relationship and create productive design.

Our Experience translates to the User Experience

We build designs from the ground up with the full attention and understanding of our clients in mind.

A good user experience helps drive customer use, explanation and marketing, and ultimately funnels users to end points. A typical freelance designer doesn’t understand the pain points of a business and relies heavily on templatized design.

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