Top 11 Best Animated Crypto Websites for Design Inspiration

Animations really bring websites to life. Crypto websites are especially known for their beautiful designs and heavy use of animations.

11. BitSpark

There is a simple, yet effective scrolling animation that plays on this site. Really helps make the user want to continue scrolling down on the website to see more!

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10. Vertbase

This site features a few interesting animations above the fold in a style that isn’t seen on most other sites.

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9. Lisk

The older version of the Lisk website had a lot more animations and interactivity. Now, the website still looks good, loads fast, and has a cool animation above the fold.

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8. BoxSwap

Like the Lisk website, BoxSwap also features an above the fold animation. However, there are some really neat animated icons below that grab your attention.

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7. Signals

The animations on this site are not as intricate as others on this list, but this site does offer a professional look with a ton of useful information. There is a gentle balance between a fun website and a site that is trying to get business done.

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6. Crypto Kitties

While the animations on this site aren’t as intense as the others, there are still subtle animations throughout.

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5. Bloom

This site is filled with animations, not only on the home page but all over the website you can find animations. A lot of effort went into making this site.

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4. ICO Syndicate

From the pre-loading animation to all the tiny little connected animations that happen on this website, this website is just too much fun. It’s also mobile responsive, though some of the animations are cut off, from the mobile user’s view, you can’t really tell that anything major is missing.

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Another beautifully animated website featuring a unique art style and theme.

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2. District0x


Featuring a unique art style, the whole site has animations from top to bottom.

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1. Portion

This site appears to feature almost everything that the other websites had to offer: pre-loader, unique visuals, interconnected animations, mobile responsiveness and scroll triggered animations.

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