Facebook Page Cover Photo Template 2021

You can use these templates to help set up your facebook page quickly. Your facebook cover photo is really the main way to “brand” your page, make it memorable!

Profile Picture Template

For the Facebook profile picture, we are using a 1080 x 1080 base.

This is helpful, because if you create a Facebook app (likely if you are blogging or pulling your page info to your website), then you may also need your thumbnail to be at least 1024 x 1024 or higher.

Facebook Profile Picture 1080 x 1080

In 2020, Facebook profile pictures are cropped into a circular shape. The main contents of your profile picture should fit within this circular cutout.

Facebook Banner Image Template

1640 x 720 is the recommended minimum size for Facebook cover photos in 2020.

Facebook updates these dimensions periodically, so it is important to keep your cover photo up to date.

Why do the banner image sizes keep changing?

Banner photo sizes are usually updated when new devices are introduced into the Facebook ecosystem, i.e. Smart TV’s, consoles, phone screen sized, etc.

These updates usually aren’t designed to make our lives a pain, but to help pages become more visible and beautiful designed across all platforms.

In most cases, you could be good just uploading a 16:9 image without having to worry about shifting Facebook widgets. However, if you have special text or logos in your cover photo that need to be in view, you will definitely want to keep everything up to date!

Facebook Group Banner Image

If you are a genius Facebook marketer, then you probably utilize the wonderful and powerful feature of Facebook groups!

As of January 22, 2020, it seems that the Facebook group banner image is slightly taller than the page banner image. The group banner and event banner should be the same size.

You should be good with just using the page banner template for both your groups and your pages.

The above image shows the slight difference in the Page banner vs the Group banner on desktop view.

Note: These sizes are updated periodically. We try to actively keep this page up to date.

Bizurk Team
Bizurk Team